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How to find the right bookkeeper for you?

When searching for a bookkeeper you first need to know what type of person you want to work with. This person will be entrusted with all of your business financial information and half the time they will also be entrusted with your personal financial information. This person not only has to understand your business but they have to understand you.   So if you feel uncomfortable at the first meeting then they are probably not the right bookkeeper for you.

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How to gain clients and keep them! Things I have learnt.

How to gain clients and keep them! Things I have learnt.

I have found over the past few years I have been in business that there are some key things to gaining new clients and how to keep them.

Gaining New Clients

Firstly to gain new clients, you must get out and meet local business owners. As a professional bookkeeper, being in a position of significant trust you need to build a rapport with the business owners you are meeting. This can sometimes take significant time to develop so don’t be discouraged if after three meetings you are not gaining a client. You are making yourself the first person they think of when they think of a bookkeeper. Your mere presence and discussions is building trust with them so they feel confident hiring you or recommending you to their friends, family and associates. Continue reading