REFOCUS YOUR BUSINESS Sydney 22nd March and Melbourne 27th March

I love my business, BUT…

  • I’ve been limping along for months not making much money, and I’m considering giving up
  • I’m feeling overwhelmed by technology or marketing, or both
  • I’m getting in a rut, and I’m not as passionate about my business as I used to be

If your answer is YES to any of these, that’s ok because you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of small business owners struggle with these same issues sooner or later.

Our talented mentor Kelly, who’s running this workshop, knows exactly how tough it can be. As a mum of two daughters, and (co-)owner of three businesses, Kelly has experienced the struggles of entrepreneurial life. But she always managed to get back on track. They key? Organization!

Throughout the years, Kelly has refined her methods of organization and now she’s sharing her knowledge with you.

During this one-day workshop you will:

  • Get yourself and your business back on track
  • Revitalize your vision, purpose and goals
  • Be introduced to Kelly’s top tools that’ll help you refresh your workflow, cash flow management, and business plan


Are you ready to get out of the rut and spark the passion again? Register now!